Tithing at Towne Church

     "A Worship Pastor at my former church once shared his testimony about tithing. He didnʼt tithe at his previous church. Then one day out of the blue the custodian there asked him if he tithed. He said, “I give to the church.” “No,” said the custodian, “do you tithe?” He admitted, “No, we donʼt. We canʼt afford to.” The man then replied, “You canʼt afford not to.” My Worship Pastor tithed from then on out and never suffered from it. In fact, he claimed that God blessed him greatly for being obedient to his word.

     I agree with that custodian: We canʼt afford not to tithe. Malachi 3 says we rob God when we fail to tithe, for it and everything else belongs to him. We also rob ourselves—we rob ourselves of Godʼs blessing and abundant provision when we donʼt financially support Godʼs work. Jesus said, “Give and it will be given to you” (Luke 6.38). Maybe our financial woes are the result of not being a good steward and doing things Godʼs way. If we give, he will give back to us.

     Tithing is biblical. Abraham tithed and so did Jacob, and that was before the Mosaic law (Gen 14.20; 28.22). Jesus urged his people not to neglect the more important matters of the law, but also not to neglect tithing either (Matt 23.23). We live under the new covenant, but they tithed prior to the old covenant. Plus, if they tithed under the old covenant, surely we should do no less as recipients of Godʼs grace in Christ. Actually, some in the New Testament gave not a tithe, but one hundred percent, everything, all they had. From that perspective, tithing doesnʼt seem that demanding!

     Two things I know for sure: God owns it all, and we canʼt outgive God. My money doesnʼt belong to me; it belongs to God. And when I give to him and his work, he blesses me beyond measure—spiritually and financially. Iʼm not saying if we give a hundred dollars, then God will give us a thousand. Iʼm just saying when we obey God in faith, he responds by pouring his blessings upon us, more than we could imagine, more than we deserve.

     Let me encourage you in this new year to begin tithing at Towne. You can even set this up online. Jenny and I did. Just download the churchʼs app (on the App Store and Google Play Store), click on invest, and set up regular giving from your checking account or credit card. You can also do this at www.towne.church/invest. Itʼs that simple. And I donʼt think you will miss it at all because God himself will provide for you. He always has. He always will."

-Pastor Mark